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EMC World 2016 Big Data Sessions

EMC World 2016 is only a few weeks away and I am really excited this year because this is the first time I have had an opportunity to pick sessions and work with business units on the message and I have no booth duty. I can’t tell you the last time I got to attend […]

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Security Doesn’t Change but Passwords Do

Once again, there is a breach on your favorite site… Amazon… once again you have to change your password. I have been in security for a long time and one thing that frustrates me most about it is that the needle does not move very far. It is the same discussion, same pain, and all […]

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Change Has Come Again

For various reasons, I have made the decision to leave Juniper. Lucky for me, I had a great opportunity right around the corner. I am going back to EMC. I couldn’t be more excited and more nervous. Once again I am going in to a new area. I will be the Portfolio Marketing Director for […]

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VMware vRealize and Juniper vSRX

There have been some really amazing things going on in the automation world. The part about automation that is somewhat hard for people to recognize is why they need it and where to start. Sometimes this confusion is because automation means something different to everyone. One of the easiest ways to get started are via […]

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Automation and Workflows

It is another month… another week… another day of virtualization and automation discussions. One of the great moments was a discussion with the customer going over the items that they could automate in their data center. Often times the customer wants to automate their firewall rules. They have a process for the requests and they […]


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VMware Fusion 7.1.1 OVF Tool Error + Drag & Drop

Recently I was working on a virtual machine that I wanted converted to OVA/OVF format so that I could distribute it to the field at Juniper. I downloaded the OVF Tool but note that VMware Fusion also comes with the OVF Tool. In this blogpost I will be using the OVF Tool in “/Applications/VMware OVF Tool” directory. […]

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Why You Want Automation in Your Data Center

When talking to customers about automation, a lot of times the customer is confused as to where to start. They know they want it but sometimes don’t know why they want it. It happens on a regular basis and you know what, that is ok. I often compare it to the cloud. Remember… 5 years ago […]

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