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banks rants – amazon echo… this IS a privacy issue

Yeah… technology is listening in on our conversations and sending it to people on our contacts lists and no one seems to care. Yup. Amazon Echo is going just that and people seem to be ignoring it or simply forgetting it because for some reason, they trust these large organizations?? I hope that is not […]

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banks rants – stop blaming someone else when it comes to privacy on the internet

I know… I know… another blogpost about Facebook and privacy but all the other posts were just driving me a little crazy and I just wanted the opportunity to talk about it without emotion. I understand that people are angry and upset because maybe they just don’t understand what is happening behind the scenes. But […]


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banks rants – never forget it is YOUR data

Recently there has been a lot of drama about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and what they did or did not do with our Facebook data but in my mind, I want to ask everyone… what were you thinking they were doing with all your data? What did you think would happen when you gave an […]

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banks rants – two factor authentication

I feel like a week does not go by without a family member asking for IT help. There isn’t anything wrong with that, I love the fact that I can help out others.  I also appreciate the fact that I understand technology and I love to share what I know. One of the biggest issues […]

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banks rants – Facebook cloned accounts

I have to admit, I was not familiar with Facebook cloned accounts until last week when at least one of my friends ran into this issue. Even though USA Today wrote a report on it last year (2017), it was not something that popped into my mind… for a couple of reasons. I don’t accept […]

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banks rants – security (questions)

It is only appropriate that my next banks rants is focused on security but more specifically the information you share on Facebook. Sure there are other places you may be sharing this information but Facebook seems more prevalent and more importantly, your posts are searchable. The posts/examples I show below are from 2010. Now you […]

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