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banks rants – encrypted documents and passwords

This blog post is going to be real simple… real simple. I have ONE rule for this blog post… do NOT send a plain text password in an email. You can send a hint to a password or a third party tool to access the password but do not send a CLEAR password. If you […]

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banks rants – data lake

My first official banks rants is about “data lake”. Anyone that wants to make me annoyed will say “data lake” to me. The term drives me crazy. Why? Well because people throw it out there like they understand what it means and they usually don’t. Almost like the term blockchain. Companies say they want it […]


banks rants – introduction

I have started a new YouTube series called “banks rants”. These short rants are about a minute long and hopefully will stay that way, but I can’t guarantee they won’t go longer. The concept is to keep them short and sweet with little tidbits that will keep you thinking and maybe drive you to discussion. […]

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