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RSA Solution for Cloud Security and Compliance

I am in love… Truly … Truly. In love. I got to work with and demo the new RSA Archer eGRC Cloud Security and Compliance solution. The ability to see the virtual world through the eyes of security made me almost cry.  I am not sure if it was the complete solution or just what […]

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Built in Vs. Bolt on Security… Getting It Right This Time

As the snow storm hits my area I am of course reminded of security… I know, I find inspiration in the strangest places. Anyway, as I was driving in my 4×4, I realized that of course I own this truck because I live in an area that gets a large amount of snow. I need […]

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the next blog entry

The worst part about deciding to start a new blog is determining which topic you want to discuss next (at least in my opinion… so far). I started a list of things that I knew I wanted to bring up and of course RISK was one of them… how could it not be. It is […]

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Gosh I love security!

This blog will focus on security with a touch of virtualization and cloud capabilities.  I do love security and in this blog I will bring my personal thoughts/opinions and experiences as well as sprinkling in some from co-workers and respected users in the security industry. I love evangelizing security and virtualization and will talk to […]