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banks rants – encrypted documents and passwords

This blog post is going to be real simple… real simple. I have ONE rule for this blog post… do NOT send a plain text password in an email. You can send a hint to a password or a third party tool to access the password but do not send a CLEAR password. If you […]

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banks rants – two factor authentication

I feel like a week does not go by without a family member asking for IT help. There isn’t anything wrong with that, I love the fact that I can help out others.  I also appreciate the fact that I understand technology and I love to share what I know. One of the biggest issues […]

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Passwords… 123456… What’s The Big Deal?

I was recently flying to California and sat next to a woman on the flight who worked for a biometrics company. The discussion of biometrics for use in authentication has always been interesting topic in my world and certainly in my Federal realm. Dealing with biometrics when it comes to war times is a difficult […]

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