banks rants – encrypted documents and passwords

This blog post is going to be real simple… real simple. I have ONE rule for this blog post… do NOT send a plain text password in an email. You can send a hint to a password or a third party tool to access the password but do not send a CLEAR password. If you need to share a password with someone, then call them up or use an encrypted method of communication. For instance WhatsApp method of communication is encrypted and iMessage is encrypted (when messaging another iMessage user).

My friend recently got an encrypted document emailed to them and the password to open that document was in the same email. You are killing me smalls. Please don’t do this!

Now if you are confused by what I mean as a plain text (or clear) password. I simply mean, the actual password. For instance, if the password is “qwerty” and you put in the email, ” the password is qwerty”, than you are sending a clear password. Someone could simply hack into your email and in return find the password by simply searching “password”. Go through your email now, search on “password”. What do you find? 

If you are working with a business that sends your password via email and the password is not protected in any way then you don’t want to work with that company because they are probably not protecting the other information that they have on. Protected passwords should be fully masked and not equal the amount of letters in the password. For example “XXXXXXXXXX” for our “qwerty” example. No identification of the letters/characters/numbers and no idea of the length of it.

Clear passwords are one of the simplest ways for your account to be hacked. Uber sent clear passwords, accounts got hacked. Now I understand that people are annoyed by passwords but there are tools to help you manage them! Remember we were once annoyed by putting on seat belts and we do it all the time now. Get over it! Protect yourself because the companies you are working with may not and you only have yourself to blame!!


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