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Automation and Workflows

It is another month… another week… another day of virtualization and automation discussions. One of the great moments was a discussion with the customer going over the items that they could automate in their data center. Often times the customer wants to automate their firewall rules. They have a process for the requests and they […]


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Why You Want Automation in Your Data Center

When talking to customers about automation, a lot of times the customer is confused as to where to start. They know they want it but sometimes don’t know why they want it. It happens on a regular basis and you know what, that is ok. I often compare it to the cloud. Remember… 5 years ago […]

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Automation – Franchise Your Network

As some of you may or may not know, I take my presentation slides seriously. I blame my EMC vSpecialist Speak America training (which I highly recommend) to starting this obsession. I try to find a way to make my slides be plain and simple and to make my message clear. I use metaphors. For […]

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