banks rants – amazon echo… this IS a privacy issue

Yeah… technology is listening in on our conversations and sending it to people on our contacts lists and no one seems to care. Yup. Amazon Echo is going just that and people seem to be ignoring it or simply forgetting it because for some reason, they trust these large organizations?? I hope that is not the case. Actually I am sure that is not the case but I am concerned that people are not more worried about this. In other words, no one has brought this up on any of my Slack channels.

In this weeks banks rants I bring to your attention that fact that everyone was up in arms about Facebook but no one cares about the other companies that are using our information and what they are doing with it, without any human interaction.


Supposedly a couple was talking and with all the Amazon Echo devices in their house, it was prompted to record the conversation and was prompted to send the conversation to a person in the husbands contact list. The couple does not recall Alexa asking

The fact is, we should be adding in human interaction before we “commit” anything. Human interaction before something that is in our cart gets ordered, human interaction before we buy that movie, human interaction before we send something to someone… send ANYTHING to someone.

Be careful of these virtual assistants that are working to make your life easier. Please be cautious of all these tools. Please make sure your settings are done correctly to prevent technology from doing stupid things. This is very important!!! OR just unplug them. You lived without them for years, are they really helping your life THAT much?

CBS News reported on it, giving details and NY Times had a great article on it. I don’t how you look at it. It is all questionable and we should be incredibly nervous about it. THIS is what the news should be asking Amazon about.




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