2021 Technical Goals

Of course I have my mental and physical health goals that I want to focus on in 2021 but I have been recently contemplating my technical goals for 2021. These are goals that are based on helping me excel in my technical knowledge and grow in my career.

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I have not had the traditional path on in my journey but I know that I enjoy learning new things as well as building on my current skills. Technology is a passion for sure but I have never needed to be somewhere in 5 years. I have never needed a specific title. I have only wanted to grow mentally and to continue to challenge myself.

I am happy about the path that I have taken so far. I have started this blog as well as a YouTube channel. I have worked on my personal brand. I have authored a security book. I have industry security certifications and I have spoken at multiple conferences. I truly believe I have been professionally successful. But I need to keep moving and understand the next steps on the path.

Recently, I have been looking at the CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) certification for ISC2 . We all know the cloud is here to stay in a constantly changing capacity and since I love security so much, this is a great way to add to my other certifications. I still need to have that talk with Thomas Henson about certifications though.

I have also looked at how to make my current position (in marketing), even more beneficial. One way I have thought about this is getting my Product Management certification. I have no idea what happens to the products BEFORE I start the marketing process. I don’t know how it comes to life and I don’t know how it all comes together.

I would love your insight and opinion on what I can add to my 2021 Technical… or better yet, what are your technical goals?

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