banks rants – stop blaming someone else when it comes to privacy on the internet

I know… I know… another blogpost about Facebook and privacy but all the other posts were just driving me a little crazy and I just wanted the opportunity to talk about it without emotion. I understand that people are angry and upset because maybe they just don’t understand what is happening behind the scenes. But that is not a reason to be angry that someone else is doing something against you without you knowing. In my opinion, we have to take responsibility for our own actions and avoiding asking questions is not an excuse. You can’t pick and choose when you should know something about your own life. If you use a smart phone and applications on that smart, you should ask what they are being used for… as in read the privacy information.

Yup… Mark Zuckerberg was questioned by people that I feel really don’t understand the concept of privacy, specifically on the internet and I would bet EVERYTHING that I have, that they are using data analytics for their job and for their reelection. The fact is every company is using data to help them get closer to their customers and to allow them to gain a competitive advantage. You have to remember this when you are going online. There is no company that isn’t using analytics and if they aren’t using it, then more than likely, they will not be existent in the years to come. It is what it is. The fact is that it is no longer about products anymore, it is about services (think voice assistants like Siri and Alexa)

Honestly, they are asking questions that don’t address the issue. If the issue is truly about privacy, then understanding what privacy means is important

The concept of privacy in the digital revolution has changed. With smart phones, applications, social media, likes, and comments things are changing. There is no limitation to what we are sharing and how we share it. The concept of a secret has changed. My friend Cory Minton has this great comment about updating his family on his trips. He stated how family visits are not the same because there is nothing to share anymore. The family already knows about the trips he took and all the other places he visited because he posted it on social media. Everything we do is now posted on social media and yet, we get upset about this concept of privacy. What were you thinking was happening when you used these applications? At this point EVERY SERVICE shares our information with other companies.

You have to starting questioning everything, ask questions, and protect yourself against those things that drive you crazy. If you don’t question what it out there, then you will fall for anything. Like this video…

so…┬ánow that you saw this fake news PSA from Jordan Peele that feature President Obama… maybe you will realize what I am asking of you. Take ownership, take charge, ask questions, and know what you are doing when you are internet. All I am saying is watch this banks rants about privacy



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