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Is Convenience Worth Sacrificing Privacy?

As you may have heard, Amazon is getting into the  Pharmacy market and this scares the shit out of me. For anyone that knows me, they know that I tend to be freaky about the information that I share. I don’t even give my real name when I order at stores. It freaks me out […]


banks rants – stop blaming someone else when it comes to privacy on the internet

I know… I know… another blogpost about Facebook and privacy but all the other posts were just driving me a little crazy and I just wanted the opportunity to talk about it without emotion. I understand that people are angry and upset because maybe they just don’t understand what is happening behind the scenes. But […]


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banks rants – never forget it is YOUR data

Recently there has been a lot of drama about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and what they did or did not do with our Facebook data but in my mind, I want to ask everyone… what were you thinking they were doing with all your data? What did you think would happen when you gave an […]

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NIST SP800-144 “Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing” – A Relationship Manual

Participating in a public cloud means that there are two independent parties involved. When two parties are involved, a relationship is formed. Just like every kind of relationship… it is hard. Each party has their own expectations and often times these expectations are not met and feelings get hurt. There are arguments and frustrations and […]

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