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Antivirus … Why exactly do we use this software?

Don’t you love it when you hear a song and it just sets you into this mood… Makes you want to dance and sing down the aisle of the airplane? NO?… oh.. maybe it is just me. Any way, the song isn’t the focus of this post. That Dell laptop the man next to me […]


FedRAMP : Cloud Controls to Manage Risk

Just like I did for FISMA, I wanted to review the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program Security Controls (FedRAMP) current release and provide you with my view of it. They indicate the purpose of the document is to “list the security controls and corresponding enhancements that Federal Agencies and Cloud Service Providers (CSP) must […]

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Policies Are (some) Man’s Best Friend

I recently got into a discussion (not an argument… a discussion) with a fellow electrical engineer. We were discussing the impact of Steve Jobs and his recent passing. To be completely honest, I am a true Apple believer through and through. To the 6 iPods, 3 Mac laptops, iPad, iPhone, AirPort, and my personal favorite, […]