EMC World 2014 Discount Code – Save $150

Ok, so I am incredibly late to the game this year but what can I say… I just got a new job and I am having a blast. Some of my other tasks have gotten away from me, including this blog. But the weather is beautiful today in Massachusetts, the windows are open and the fresh air got me remembering that I have discount codes for EMC World 2014.

Now personally I always loved this conference because a conference 100% focused on the technology surrounding a company is pretty cool. It is a one stop shop and you get to meet all the people working in the products, you get all the details surrounding new products, and you get to meet partners. It is almost like you get to Google EMC all week with out actually figuring out the best way to Google it. (Let’s be honest here… Googling is a skill and I have not perfected it yet)

So… If you need a copse, please feel free to contact me via twitter @banksek or leave a note on this page. Saving money is good right so why not use the code, I have them for free. Oh you get to save $150 off of the registration cost. Even if you have already registered, you can still use the code… I can you give you that process at a later time. Note that the code can not be used in conjunction with the early bird discount or other codes. If you want more information on the conference : http://www.emcworld.com/index.htm

PS… code expires April 7… I know… I know.. I am late, don’t yell at me!!!


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