EMC Elect 2014

Yes! It happened again and I couldn’t be happier. I was given the honor to be a part of the EMC Elect 2014 team. This makes two years… #PewPew. I am thankful for everyone in the EMC Elect team that helped with the process and felt that I should continue to be an EMC Elect member and that I make a difference. Everyone wants to feel like they make a difference. I want to make a difference!!!


If you are wondering what I am talking about. Here are some links to provide some insight

FAQS: http://goo.gl/NMUidN

How the election process happens: http://goo.gl/ReIV4V

Final list of EMC Elect 2014 members: http://goo.gl/fOSwWM

Congrats to everyone who now has this privilege, embrace it and enjoy it because some people did not get it. Never take that for granted


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