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vCAC and Multi-Tenancy

Often times for me multi-tenancy is a topic of discussion. The customer wants to build an environment, an apartment building that many people reside in and yet everyone thinks they live there alone. None of the residents are quite sure how big the house is. All they know is that they have their own door […]


VMware vSphere Security 5.1

Starting this new role at VMware, I have found some amazing documents and I wanted to make sure they got to you. One of these documents is vSphere Security (link provided below via the image). This document is focused on securing VMware vCenter Server and VMware ESXi for 5.1. This document is great and since […]


NIST Interagency Report 7904 – Trusted Geolocation in the Cloud

I can’t tell you how excited I am that my name is on this NIST document. I was working with my wonderful friend Tarik without knowing that this is what it would turn in to. Now let’s talk about it… The abstract for the document : This publication explains selected security challenges involving Infrastructure as a […]

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VMware vCAC and it’s Security Capabilities

On my third week at VMware I was asked to participate in a vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) demo beta run. This means that before the SE’s are asked to demo vCAC, I got to test the videos, test questions, and demo the product. I personally had never touched vCAC before. To be honest, I had […]


Security vSpecialist June 2012 Newsletter

Within the larger EMC vSpecialist team we have individual focus groups. The focus group that I am a part of is the security focus group. Shocking I know. Each month we try to get out a newsletter that gets sent to all vSpecialists. This newsletter identifies key events that have happened in the news, important […]

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Help a Sista Out – VMworld 2012 Session 2050

I know this may be last minute but I have to take the opportunity to get some love my way. You see once again I am trying to get my work approved for VMworld… this year it is VMworld 2012. I have session 2050 submitted – The Most Important Virtual Desktop Security Best Practices – […]


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EMC World 2012 HoL – vShield App with Data Security – Lab #13

Lab #13… this year, the #13 proved why it is considered an unlucky number. Don’t get me wrong, it was not unlucky all the time… just at certain moments. If anything, I was the luckiest because I got to build out and write lab #13 for the Hands on Labs at EMC World 2012. This […]

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VSI (virtual storage integrator) is a Security feature

Recently I was doing a breakdown of the FREE VSI plugin for VMware. It is available from EMC for EMC storage. It is a plugin that provides a single management interface to manage EMC storage within the vSphere environment. There are a lot of components of it and a lot of great capabilities. As I […]

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Intel TXT Capabilities – I’m Loving It

Recently EMC and Intel paired up on a webcast to talk about the relationship between the two companies… they provided a new proof of concept. As much as I love this relationship and enjoyed the presentation ( I have included them below ), the capability that I am most interested in is the Intel Trusted […]

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The Security Landscape is Changing

I was recently reading the document created by RSA, “When Advanced Persistent Threats Go Mainstream” . It talks about the changing landscape of security, specifically regarding Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and how it once again has made us rethink security. Now, I am completely fine with rethinking security. I love the fact that security is […]

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