Every Business Needs to Prioritize Security

I recently got the opportunity to talk with BetaKit regarding small businesses and security. I am happy with the points we were able to make about the two topics but it is important to note, everyone constantly needs to be asking about the security of their data, the security of their premises, the security of your life and they need to ask it all the time. Whether you are driving, walking, or working. You need to take responsibility.

Security has at least four definitions according to Merriam – Webster

Now I am pretty sure we can never be 100% free from danger, fear, and anxiety but we can do things in our lives to at least minimize them. You personally need to understand what those steps are and you can not ignore that the power is always in your hands. If you ignore the problem and you think it will go away… let me be clear, it won’t. You will always have that fear and/or anxiety. Only you can determine what will make you feel safe

Only you can determine what is important if someone took it away from you, if someone else claimed it, if you never saw it in your life again.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

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