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I shred a lot and I recycle a lot. I shred anything that has my name on it. Whether it is a package, a magazine, or mailings. If it has my address on it, I shred the label. I just don’t like or feel comfortable with my name and address out there in the trash or recycling bin. Even when I order something and I have to give a name… I use a fake one. It is just who I am. I like to think it is based in security but there could be other things tied to it.

I also can not stand all the unnecessary mailings that I get. You know those pamphlets and random magazines that you get because you happen to move or you went to a specific website and the cookies in your browser. Yeah well tracking me on the web is not my most favorite activity and honestly something you can avoid. You can’t go onto a website without accepting their terms.

So once again, I get stuck with tons of junk mail and companies that have no idea who I am as a consumer. In technology style, there are companies that can help you remove the junk. Some of them are Catalog Choice, Data and Marketing Association, or even PaperKarma.

Personally I take every catalog or mailing and I call them… for a number of reasons. One, because I keep the label and write down the date that I spoke with someone and their name and Two because I get to talk to someone 1:1 and I can ask them not to sell my information. It feels somewhat good to tell people they are wasting trees and I won’t be buying from them anymore.I can’t even tell you the last time I bought something from a catalog.┬áMake sure when you talk to them you also let them know that you don’t want them to sell your information as well. I recently reviewed the privacy policy for a catalog that I was getting and they spelled out exactly what you have to specify when you want to opt-out

Even more joyous is calling organizations that I donated to and telling them that you won’t donate again until they stop wasting paper and killing trees. I didn’t donate my money so you could waste it on my with more advertising. (PSA… check out Charity Navigator before you donate to an organization)

Now I love the USPS and I don’t mind supporting them but I would prefer that they just deliver me random cards and happiness and not put extra strain on them from delivering paper that now I have to recycle. Seems like an endless journey of frustration.



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