Machine Learning Coursera – Week 4

As I have mentioned before, I am taking a Coursera course this year focused on Machine Learning. It has been a great class and I am learning a lot. Now if you are thinking of taking this class, a couple of my friends and I got together to do some videos on the class, discussing our thoughts for each week of the class.

Week 4 so far has been my favorite because it brought back logic tables. Logic tables were always my favorite part of my Electrical Engineering degree and if anyone knows me, I try to focus on the “logic” in everything I do. One thing that is important to know about the class is that there are other “gates” then what were discussed in the class. Below is a great snapshot of the tables for you to get a clear understanding of the inputs and outputs for two variables.

logic tables

Data analytics is all about understanding the data and driving an output that focuses on changes and needs for your business. It isn’t about throwing data out there and hoping for the best. Logic is a part of everything in our life and using data analytics for your business needs means using data to understand the logic.

  1. Machine Learning Andrew Ng - Week 4 - Big Data Beard

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