Security Doesn’t Change but Passwords Do

Once again, there is a breach on your favorite site… Amazon… once again you have to change your password. I have been in security for a long time and one thing that frustrates me most about it is that the needle does not move very far. It is the same discussion, same pain, and all the solutions seem the same. You pay more money looking for ways to protect your organization, trying to fight the bad guys.

Now of course I need to throw in a plug for Big Data, noting that it changes the way you see the battle but this isn’t about Big Data… (at least not today).

Today is just to make you aware that using two factor authentication for your favorite sites (like Amazon) allows you to use old technology to battle the problem we have today. No more changing it, no more worrying about the strength of it, no more password discussion. You still need a password and technically you should worry about those things always BUT now it is all about proving that it is you and not someone trying to be you. Have you set it up yet on your accounts? Are you using it for gmail and now Amazon.

Amazon two factor

I get that the struggle is real but this is the simplest way to fight it. It is a lot less painful then you might think. You carry your phone with you all the time, might as well use it for security too.

Side note: I don’t know these people but this site seems pretty cool… providing you with a list of Two Factor Authentication sites.

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