My Thoughts about Security in 2014

As we finish up 2014 and start 2015 (for some reason I dislike odd numbered years…) I wanted to reflect on my life. Not on a professional level and definitely not on a personal level but on a security level.


It seemed like 2014 was the “Year of the Hacks”. All kinds of hacks from credit card hacks, to way too personal information like salaries hack, to Angelina Jolie isn’t as great as people make her out to be… (personally that one is my favorite… I am glad someone else said it). But honestly, the whole Sony debacle brought things to an interesting level. It brought the word “terrorist” into the cyber security discussion, which in turn brought up 9/11, which brought up discussions that a foreign country once again attacked us, and even more speculation that it isn’t who the FBI says it is… (I might have added to that one).

Sadly I feel like the Sony hack over a movie brought way more attention than the Sony credit card hack and that frightens me even more. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the discussion of why Sony would pull a movie over the fact that Sony’s inner thoughts were now public and I love the President of the United States publicly humiliated them but if anything, I feel this attack only adds to my theory that clearly we are doing security wrong and clearly we will never win. I mean if a country that barely has any electricity can bring such havoc to the United States, what is to say about the capabilities of greater nations.

We are losing the Cyber Security battle and either we change the game or we just give up and make transparency the solution. Personally i feel the latter is the answer. Personally I feel that if we reduce the risk by being honest, by being open, by putting everyone on the same playing field with regard to their information means that the cost of “stealing it” becomes 0 value. I know this won’t happen but it is clear that things are not getting better and that 2015 will only be worse and that I will be writing about the same thing in 2015. As my brother in law likes to tell me… but all of this is keeping you in business. Yeah… yeah… I appreciate that factor but I hate repeating myself everyday… every month… every year… and it is starting to feel that way.

Here is to a completely different security world in 2015

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