VMworld 2014 Call for Papers – Vote for #1310

Yes… Yes… I admit that this is a shameless plug and if you know me, you know that doing anything like this is like pulling teeth for me. I really don’t like it but I understand that it needs to be done and I need to take any opportunity I can get.

The VMworld 2014 Call for Papers voting (Not sure why they call it papers but it for the sessions at VMworld) has opened and I have one session that I submitted this year with my friend Rob Randell ( @rjrandell ) from VMware. I have submitted papers for the past four years and never get in. I have submitted an an EMC and VMware employee, and this is the first time that I have submitted with a partner that isn’t a global sponsor and does not have 10+ employees from the same company submitted.  So again, I just kindly ask to look up session #1310 ” Security and Automation, Like Peanut Butter and Jelly… Nothin Betta


That is right, a whole session on automating security and why it goes together so well!!! Make sure you make that thumb go green

People have asked me why not peanut butter and chocolate but in all honestly, I have this peanut butter and jelly addiction right now. I literally take a spoon and scoop out peanut butter and then add some jelly directly from the jar. I know… I have issues 🙂 But why don’t you help me with my issues by voting for the session and allowing me to talk about one less thing in counseling… the fact that after all these years, I can not get my session/paper approved at VMworld #SadBanks

voting site: vmworld.com/voting.jspa

PS… Wanted to let you know that I DID get the Juniper Partner Lab submitted into the VMworld Hands on Lab. That lab is HOL-PRT-1472 . At least I have that going for me right? Either way, more about that lab in future posts!!

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