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For the past couple of weeks, I have had the joy of working on the VMworld 2013 Hands on Lab with some amazing people. My Co-Captains on lab HBD-1302 are Eric Hammersley (@erichammersley) and Raj Jethnani (@rajtech). Our lab is focused on vCloud Hybrid Service and of course includes security. Although I have done other hands on labs before for VMworld and EMC World, I was an EMC employee at the time. This is my first hands on lab as a VMware employee. The process has been the same which is great because the other labs I did myself and this time I had company. This time when we stayed up late, we could all be in misery together.
It was great getting my hands on vCloud Hybrid Services. As you may recall this was a recent announcement and I was so happy that we were getting it in to the labs this year. If you are looking for information on the functionality, the link will be below. The short of it is… vCloud Hybrid Service is VMware’s public cloud. Why is that great? Lab HBD 1302 proved why it is great… because I can copy my virtual machine from my local datacenter to the VMware public cloud. Running the virtual machine in the cloud allows me to still communicate with my virtual infrastructure in the local datacenter and I have the same VMware security capabilities that I have at home. By using vCloud Connector, mobility and usability for the virtual machine is endless.
This interface for vCloud Hybrid Service is great and I included one of the screen shots from our lab.


Greg Herzog (@gregherzog) helped us out tremendously and he has great videos on the website as well. You really need to spend some time on this page and understand how it works. Working on this lab got me incredibly excited about vCloud Hybrid Service. For years, we have been talking about the “Hotel California” complex and the fact that once you put the information in the cloud, you can’t get it out. We talk about the format of your data in the public cloud. We talk about the security issues. Now these problems no longer exist when you use vCloud Hybrid Service. VMware tools like vCloud Networking and Security are still used. Now the public cloud is just an extension of your data center… an extension that allows you get your information back. An extension that helps you feel secure about the public cloud. An extension that is truly what the cloud should be. No restraints, just the ability to work in an environment that we are comfortable with and grow with when we need to. Finally, a public cloud that makes sense.

For great information : http://vcloud.vmware.com/

I look  forward to see you at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco. Make sure you stop by the Hands on Lab and say hi!!!

If you have not registered yet for VMworld : http://www.vmworld.com/community/conference/us/

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