Securing the DMZ with vCloud Networking and Security

I am all about sharing information that I find incredibly beneficial. This document that VMware has just released is one of those incredible beneficial documents. Lately, it seems like this is the number one “issue” that customers are constantly asking me about… and rightfully so. There has always been a concern regarding virtualizing a DMZ and it is my job to let customers understand that by using the VMware vCloud Networking and Security suite, these concerns can be minimized.

I would never say that all concerns can be removed, in security fear isn’t a bad thing, but hopefully this document can ease some pain for those willing to take this step.

DMZ - VMware

You see, I can talk all day about Software Defined Datacenter and security, we can ride elevators all day and I will give you the “pitch” but unless I can give you a scenario that outwardly affects you, you will want to get off that ride as soon as possible. Virtualizing your DMZ and protecting it with VMware’s vCloud Networking and Security is the biggest real world scenario. Seeing that there are options, seeing that it does work, makes all the difference

Of course I highly recommend this document but not because I work at VMware but because it is also a great education tool. It is a great way for people that are not familiar with the product to get an understanding of the potential of what it can do. Getting the most out of everything is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to security.

Here is the link to the official VMware blog post as well :

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