VMworld 2013 – Voting and HoL

This will be my first year at VMworld as a VMworld employee. I am excited about the experience and wondering if it will feel any different. Technically I will be at VMworld because of the Hands on Labs. I through my hat into the ring because that’s just what I do. Right now it looks like I will be working on the vSAN lab which I think is great!!! I love challenges! I did not stop there of course. I had to submit some entries to speak at the conference. Below are my three submittals as well as information regarding them. If you think they will be a good fit for the conference, please vote for them at http://goo.gl/oZghF

I look forward to seeing you there!

#4835 : Security and the VMware Horizon Environment 

This session is focused on securing a VMware Horizon environment utilizing VMware’s vCloud Network & Security product. In any organization, whether information is accessed from a physical or virtual device, securing that environment is paramount to the ongoing success of the company. Learn how to leverage vCNS to segment your desktops to allow a variety of user types, including outside contractors or temps, to all be managed centrally yet have radically different access levels. We will discuss ways in which VMware vCNS as well as other security capabilities can provide a secure environment in order to build out your virtual infrastructure

#5176 : Federal Agencies to a Cloud – What will it take and is it really possible?

With sequestration well underway, it is a given fact that DoD agencies must find ways to cut spending on IT. To cut cost, many federal agencies and military organization are looking to move infrastructure and apps to a cloud. The question remains: is there such thing as a “Hardened Cloud” and is there an agreed upon process that offers a hardened structure for getting to a DoD compliant cloud.

This panel features some of the top experts in the security and virtualization industry that have been involved with cloud security and the process to achieve compliance in a cloud. The panel will discuss some of the current activities in the federal space that are being investigated and used to move agencies to a cloud. Discussion topics presented will include: NIST 800-53 rev 4, Impact Control Levels, DISA STIGs (ESXi, SLES 11), DIACAP, and FedRAMP.

We want this to be an interactive session with your opinions, observations, and questions about the processes including: Is FedRAMP the only game in town or are there other alternatives that Federal Agencies can turn to meet their cloud objectives?

So, come out and make your voices heard and see what a “Hardened Cloud” should necessitate!

#5373 : Beyond the enterprise: Virtual security for SMBs

Like their larger counterparts, small and medium businesses are increasingly turning to virtualized environments to save money and improve efficiency. This session, aimed at SMB and VAR technologists, will address the unique challenges of securing virtual infrastructure at smaller scale and with smaller budgets. Learn how and why to protect your VMs and when a virtual appliance can be a cost effective and effective solution for implementing security. For those using or considering vSphere, explore the differences between installing endpoint security on each VM and implementing centralized AV scanning using vShield Endpoint. The concepts will be brought to life through a case study, and attendees will leave with actionable advice they can use in their own or their customers’ SMB environments.

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