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This post was composed in March 2013. I wanted to make this clear because I am pretty sure that Facebook will change their security settings again and this will post will be completely out of date. You see Facebook is now allowing codes to be used when accessing your account. We all know that passwords are pretty pathetic and we don’t teach online security in schools. The idea is that you will get codes on your phone to ensure that it is you. The screen shot below gives you an explanation as to how this works.

facebook security

Codes… they are going to use codes. Now I loved the inherent security that Facebook gave me when I traveled to Thailand. I was accessing through a different country and therefore they kicked up the security. I was given options as to what ways I wanted to prove it was me. I picked identifying people in my pictures. I thought it was great. I was happy that this social media page has added security. Now they created codes to our phone.

security codes

I am not happy about this. Once again, I ask who are we protecting? What is the problem we are trying to solve? This security feature was not clear to me. I found out about it via a tweet or a friend’s post. Facebook never told me about it. Are we protecting the young? Are we protecting all ages from their friends or anyone getting in to their accounts? Where is the security regarding what everyone is posting and who can see it? How do people test it? How do people test what is actually available for viewing by others that are not your friends? Where is the training on the problems with posting too much information on these sites? Training about the pictures you post and how they can change your life? Actually, this training needs to go to all people of ALL ages. I appreciate what Facebook has done, I don’t want to take that away from them but I just think we need to be serious about the issues and not dance around them. Lets face them head on… be honest… and do what we need to do

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