Finding Security in the Strangest Places

Speaking about security seems to be a daily process. This week I got to do one of my favorite things, teaching new hire EMC SE’s about security. Giving them enough information to make them dangerous with the customers and to get customers excited, to make them want to bring RSA in. EMC has a great advantage because they are an information company (known for it’s storage) that has a security division. It is a great opportunity. Now I know that I say this probably once a month but I keeping looking for different ways to educate people, to make people understand what my brain translates every day. I live this, I preach this but some people just don’t get it like I do. I need to understand my audience and appreciate that they just aren’t excited about security like I am

So anyway… I was running on the street the other day. Running against traffic, wearing bright colors, wearing my road id, keeping my iPod low. Doing things that I need to do in case things happen. I was protecting myself because the drivers on the road don’t always pay attention. I watched every driver go by. I caught their eyes as they were approaching and if they were driving too close to me, I would stick my arm out trying to bring more attention to myself, making sure they did not hit me. As I was getting more and more frustrated by the drivers, I realized that this is like security both on a personal level and on an IT level. Only you are the one that can protect yourself. Only you can understand your surroundings and the risk associated with taking the steps. Should I run into that area, is this safe, is the corner too tight that the drivers can not see me? All decisions that you have to make before you take the next step. If you want to be semi-safe, get on a treadmill… don’t really go anywhere? You see a risk, you look at the options, and you take them. I run on the treadmill when I am in a strange location. Yet we all want to get out, we all want to get on the road but the big bad cars are coming at you and you must protect yourself. That is security. Understanding your surroundings and the risk associated with them. Putting the measures in place to make sure you and your property are safe

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