Be Careful… There are Ears Everywhere

Today I was in an airline club waiting for my connecting flight, charging my systems. There were a lot of people in this club from everywhere I assume. The one thing that I noticed most of all were people on their phones and the things they were saying. For instance, the one guy at the computer bar gave out his wife’s phone number, said that he was traveling out of town, and mentioned specifically when she would be home today. Not only that, but he mentioned that they would not be home next week so it would be best if the the guy he was talking to would stop by today to get the paperwork.

Another guy was talking about a court case that he was working on and about the motions he was going to file. He was going to bring this case to an end with these documents…. Seriously people… are you really sharing this information with everyone around you? Do you really think that you live in a bubble that only the other person on the phone can hear you? … you know what, don’t answer that.

The fact is that people are everywhere and they can hear you. When you are on the phone or talking to your friends face to face. People can hear you and they may be taking notes.  Is there anyone sitting around you when you talk to your co-workers about your deals, about products, about the future of the company? Are you wearing anything from your company so that those around you know where you work from? For instance, I have a friend that was sitting behind a guy on a plane. The guy worked for a competitor and was going through his slide deck. Guess what my friend did? He took notes about every slide… about every one of the COMPETITORS slides.

People, this is a big big world and you never know who you are going to sit next to or near. People are listening and they are taking notes. Don’t risk your family’s life or your companies secrets. Be careful … people are listening, including me

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