Security vSpecialist June 2012 Newsletter

Within the larger EMC vSpecialist team we have individual focus groups. The focus group that I am a part of is the security focus group. Shocking I know. Each month we try to get out a newsletter that gets sent to all vSpecialists. This newsletter identifies key events that have happened in the news, important documents that have been released, upcoming training… you know all that good stuff. Someone recently asked me to make the newsletter public. I can not get the formatting to stay the same but I thought I could at least provide the links and identify other things that I think are important for you to know. Have Fun!!!


Flame Virus Risk- Dangerous Espionage Tool
Flame Virus Information
vSphere 5.0 – EAL 4+ Common Criteria Accreditation
Hotel Based Network Risks
New Ways to Spam You – Music
Apple iOS Security Guide [PDF]
LinkedIn 6.5 Millions Passwords Leaked
VMware ESX Source Code Breach
Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendation [PDF]
vSphere 5 Hardening Guidelines in vCM


VirtuallySecure Channel


VMware vSphere 5.0 Hardening Guidelines

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