Help a Sista Out – VMworld 2012 Session 2050

I know this may be last minute but I have to take the opportunity to get some love my way. You see once again I am trying to get my work approved for VMworld… this year it is VMworld 2012. I have session 2050 submitted – The Most Important Virtual Desktop Security Best Practices – There are 9 of Them. Cute huh? Alright… maybe you don’t like it but I do!!

I am doing the session with my co-worker Tommy Trogden, also known as @vTexan. I think it is great that a storage guy would be willing to do a session about security… looks like I finally got him to see the light… the security light that is.
In order to get this session approved I need to get votes. If you could vote for my session at I would really appreciate it! PLEASE!!!!
If you are unfamiliar about how to do this. Tommy already wrote it out for you here
I really appreciate all your support on this!


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