EMC World 2012 HoL – vShield App with Data Security – Lab #13

Lab #13… this year, the #13 proved why it is considered an unlucky number. Don’t get me wrong, it was not unlucky all the time… just at certain moments. If anything, I was the luckiest because I got to build out and write lab #13 for the Hands on Labs at EMC World 2012. This lab was written for the vShield App with Data Security. Yes, I know that I wrote this lab for VMworld 2011 but they kept that lab and I had to rewrite it for EMC World 2012. I have no problem with this of course, as the more hands on experience I can get, the better I am at my job. And to be able to do this lab and let others get their hands wet with the experience is even better. I understand that the security labs at EMC World and VMworld are one of the lowest “attended” but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I wish I knew what it would take to make people more interested in security at conferences like this. I would do anything if I could add these two conferences to the RSA Conference. To be able to get the virtualization, network, storage, and security participants to work together in a single event, to show how they are all interconnected would be phenomenal…. but enough of my dreaming.
If you are reading this post then possibly you care about security and virtualization or at least you are trying to make it work in your organization or become better educated. First of all, good for you. There are not enough of us and the more that we spread the love including research and discussion, the better off the world will be. It isn’t world peace but it is a start. Second of all, what VMware has done is great, I won’t stop talking about the capabilities of bringing together security and virtualization. It can force the discussion, it can break down the barriers like EMC and VMware are doing.
What VMware has done in the latest version of vShield App with Data Security is great. The underlying technology in the 5.0.1 release isn’t any different than in the earlier release (as far as I am aware)… it is still just PCI, PII, and PHI requirements for compliance but the interface is much better. Of course, they are still using the RSA content blades from the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) product from RSA. The reporting functionality specifically is the largest improvement I have seen in the newest release. You can run multiple reports from just about any interface. I showcase this capability in Lab #13. VMware is really great at allowing you different routes to get to the same place. I am a huge advocate of this methodology. It is like a constant reminder that this capability is available and not hidden. The other thing I applaud and showcased are the great graphics like the one below:

This is a great interface through vShield Manager that allows you to quickly look at the violations and the virtual machines that hold these violations. I am a huge believer in interfaces like this. The ability for a person to look at something quickly and know if it things are good or bad makes everything so easy and when it comes to security, easy is good… very good!!!
So come on by the labs… Check it and the others out. You have nothing to lose!!! We also have the following labs that I think are just as great:

Lab #23 – RSA Archer, Cloud Security and Compliance
Lab #04 – Protecting VMware vCloud Director with EMC Avamar
Lab #21 – Leveraging Industry Leading EMC Storage, Backup, and Security Solutions in a Virtualized Environment

I mean seriously, we have 27 labs… I am sure you can find one you like. I look forward to seeing you there!

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