EMC and RSA… Enabling Virtual Administrators

Every day as I work with virtualization and the components that surround it, I am reminded why I love working at EMC and RSA. Yes, I have the privilege to work with the mother ship, EMC as well as the security division, RSA because both virtualization and security are my passion. One of the many reasons why I feel that EMC and RSA are the correct choices when developing your virtual environment is because EVERY… and I mean EVERY product manager of the EMC and RSA products tells me that their role is to “enable the virtual administrators”. Every product that EMC and RSA rolls out their doors at the core has two things in mind, security and virtualization. EMC and RSA build their products with security at step one. As a person who preaches about security, how can I not love the fact that the company that I work for chooses to build security into the fabric of their products. More importantly how can I not love the fact that the products are being developed specifically with the virtual administrator in mind

Simplification of the technology is the easiest way to ensure adoption. Outside of that, the users are just looking for excuses. If you simplify the technology, why wouldn’t someone implement the capabilities. If you break down the silos and give users the things they need to get their job done, why wouldn’t you implement the capabilities. If you enable the virtual administrators, why wouldn’t you implement the technologies that are there to simplify and break down your daily tasks. Are these not the tools that we have been asking for… the tools that we needed?

This blog post isn’t to go through the entire list of integration points or to cover the capabilities, this blog post is to clearly state the obvious… (my stake in the ground)… when you think virtualization you must think EMC and RSA. I have discussions with customers daily about their frustrations with wanting to move further down their journey to a virtual data center, customers want to be enabled and I am here to tell you that EMC and RSA understands that. We understand the pains mainly because we are our own best and worst customer but built in to us, built into our culture is virtualization and simplification. We work with these technologies daily just like you and we beg to have the capabilities that make sense. All our solutions, across the board, from the management suite, to backup, to recovery, to storage, to security are on the journey with you to the virtual data center.

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