April 7th Webcast: Virtual Machine Security Best Practices for VMware Environments

I wanted to take this time to talk about a webcast that my fellow vSpecialist Sharon Isaacson and I are presenting on April 7th. It is called “Virtual Machine Security Best Practices for VMware Environments”. Here is the link to register for the event (you can also register by selecting the image at the very botton)


We will be talking about the triangle of trust, security, and the capabilities provided that will assist in protecting your virtual machines. As I indicated in previous posts, these best practices are only beneficial if they are implemented and continuously monitored. There are no guarantees in security but we need to continue to fight the battle. If you attend the session and walk away not wondering what other capabilities you can add into your infrastructure, we have not done our job. We hope to bring the best to you and make you think. If you are interested in other VMware webcasts provided by EMC, this link will provide you with more information


I look forward to hearing from you at the webcast

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