Built in Vs. Bolt on Security… Getting It Right This Time

As the snow storm hits my area I am of course reminded of security… I know, I find inspiration in the strangest places. Anyway, as I was driving in my 4×4, I realized that of course I own this truck because I live in an area that gets a large amount of snow. I need to ensure that I keep myself safe and have the appropriate tools that can get me where I need to go when certain situations arise. I need to be prepared and plan ahead. I bought the 4×4 truck before the snow came, I bought the appropriate food, I got the snow blower out, I got ready. My house is even ready. It was built strong to take the cold weather, the roof is built to take the weight of the snow. The house, the car, the surroundings were built to be secure, built to take the pressures of the environment.

Building security in at the beginning… at step one… is like buying a 4×4 when you live in a snow storm prone area. It is pulling out the snow blower, getting food, being prepared. It means you prepare yourself from the beginning without the worry when the security event occurs. Worrying about security after the event is like buying the necessities after the snow storm… it is just a little too late. Why worry about security at all if you are going to consistently be in catch up mode? You have to be prepared and understand that security is a part of the discussion on day one. It means working with the technologies and products that are prepared to deal with the security events immediately. It is being prepared for the snow storm.

This is why I love virtualization so much. It brings back the ability to put security into the design, to bring it to day one. We are redesigning the data centers and this time we have the ability to get it right and get it right from the start. No need to bolt the security on, the environment can now be built with security at the first step. Technologies are finally being built with security in mind. Finally we understand that security should never be an after thought but A REALITY. Let’s learn from our mistakes that arose in the physical environments. It was as if we were trying to fit this square peg in a round hole and nobody wanted to deal with it. Security in a virtual world is so much better than a physical one. Security isn’t something you should ever take for granted. Don’t assume that snow will never come to your town, don’t assume that the food will just appear and that your snow blower will just start. Prepare for everything that is coming your way and don’t get caught defenseless.

I will cover this new opportunity soon… focusing on the fact that security in the virtual world is so much better…

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  1. #1 by Lynn Shafer Willner on July 12, 2021 - 11:49

    Greetings, I see your post is from 2011 (https://commondenial.com/2011/01/12/built-in-vs-bolt-on-security-getting-it-right-this-time/)…. Would you know who coined the phrase “built in vs. bolted on” and when he/she did this? The phrase is often used to describe the benefits of integrating accessibility from the beginning. Thanks! https://twitter.com/LangLearnAccess/status/1412418850474311689

    • #2 by Erin K. Banks on July 20, 2021 - 12:49

      Lynn I am not sure who coined the phrase but if you find out, I would love to give them credit

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