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My Thoughts about Security in 2014

As we finish up 2014 and start 2015 (for some reason I dislike odd numbered years…) I wanted to reflect on my life. Not on a professional level and definitely not on a personal level but on a security level. It seemed like 2014 was the “Year of the Hacks”. All kinds of hacks from […]

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EMC World 2014 Discount Code – Save $150

Ok, so I am incredibly late to the game this year but what can I say… I just got a new job and I am having a blast. Some of my other tasks have gotten away from me, including this blog. But the weather is beautiful today in Massachusetts, the windows are open and the […]

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FREE vCloud Networking and Security Training

I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the One hour free training that VMware is providing on vCloud Networking and Security. It is a great opportunity to check out and understand the product. Overview of class : The vCloud Networking and Security Fundamentals course covers VMware’s vision of a Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) […]


Two Years Later

It is only apropos that two years after I started my blog I announce my new job. On January 7th I join VMware. I will be apart of the Public Sector Center of Excellence as a VMware Network Virtualization and Security Solutions Specialist. I can not begin to tell you how incredibly excited I am […]


Passwords… Do We Really Need Them?

Passwords will always be the topic of security. Always… always… always. We were still saying that passwords were the achilles heel of the network at the RSA Conference this year. Password is the first level of defense and therefore determining what makes a password “strong” consistently changes. Password strength is the new cloud. Strength is […]

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Social Media, Security, and My Job

I have had this blog for over a year now and it has been a difficult task for me. Not necessarily hard to find material and talk about my passion (virtualization and security) but difficult in that I have to make myself public. Luckily I only have to make myself public from a professional perspective […]

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