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Security Doesn’t Change but Passwords Do

Once again, there is a breach on your favorite site… Amazon… once again you have to change your password. I have been in security for a long time and one thing that frustrates me most about it is that the needle does not move very far. It is the same discussion, same pain, and all […]

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Why did they hack that site?… LivingSocial

According to LivingSocial, they were hacked a couple of weeks ago. Let me repeat that a site that sells deals to consumers… all kinds of deals from different merchants to different types of customers was hacked. You can shop for clothes, vacations, hair cuts, activities, just about anything. And they were hacked! I sent out […]

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Security and Big Data

Some of my favorite songs I found by accident. I have an older iPod that luckily, to date, holds all my music. I shuffle the songs and I am off and away in my special music world. Music defines me. It can change my mood in an instant. Bring me to tears within seconds. Music […]

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